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The soil that supports your concrete slabs will expand and contract over time as moisture levels rise and fall. This will cause the concrete on top of that soil to move with the soil. As the soil is shifting around, it can create holes or voids below the surface of the slab. The shifting concrete can eventually settle into these voids and ultimately create cracks in slabs or gaps between slabs. As these voids expand, this will create an uneven surface and even potentially hazardous conditions.

Why Is My Concrete Sinking?

There are a number of factors and different conditions that can contribute to sinking concrete. The main reasons are based around the moisture level in the soil which can greatly change throughout the year due to weather conditions.

Soil Shrinkage

If the weather is hot and dry for long periods of time in the summer and fall, it can cause the soil to shrink. As the soil dries out, it will cause voids to form under your concrete slabs. As these voids increase in size, they will put stress on the concrete slab and can cause it to crack.

Moisture Levels

During periods of extended rain or when snow is melting, the moisture levels of your soil can fluctuate. As this happens, the concrete slab can be damaged. If the soil is saturated due to poor drainage, this moisture will cause the soil to become unable to support the concrete. Conversely, if there is too little moisture in the soil, it will contract and cause soil shrinkage.

Improper Compaction

When soil has been removed and replaced, it is necessary that it is compacted to the original density as when it was removed. If the soil is not properly compacted, it can speed up the creation of voids under any concrete poured above. These voids will put unnecessary stress on the slab and cause cracks over time.

Where does concrete need to be leveled?

If you have any concrete that is sinking or cracking, it can benefit from concrete leveling. The main areas around a home or business that we normally level and lift concrete are:

The Proven Solution: Polyjacking

The ideal alternative to a costly digging up, removing, and replacing your cracked or sinking concrete is the cost effecive polyjacking.

A relatively new advancement is the use of expanding polyurethane foam to lift and level these sinking concrete slabs back to their intended position. Before polyjacking was invented, the industry used a process called mudjacking was used to do this same procedure. The advantage that polyjacking has over mudjacking is the polyurethane foam will quickly and evenly expand to fill the void and harden much faster to permanently support the concrete in the correct position.

If you're in need of permanent concrete slab leveling and lifting, contact us today for an estimate.

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