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If there are concrete steps leading into your home, it is very important that they are always level and not sinking or leaning to one side. Uneven steps are both dangerous for anyone entering the home as well as unattractive. Concrete steps can fall victim to the same problems that all concrete slabs do including sinking and settling. This means the soil supporting them expands and contracts with changes in moisture over time and can form open areas or voids below the steps that can cause it to sink and become uneven.

Because your steps have a smaller footprint compared to a driveway or a sidewalk, they can become uneven and sink much faster than other areas as water will tend to flow into instead of over them. This means the need for a professional concrete raising and leveling company to repair it as soon as possible is much more relevant.

Step Lifting

Our team can properly turn your sinking, sunken steps back into a stable a safe set of stairs with our polyjacking process. Once we leave, the steps will be safe to use again with no down time. This process is an affordable alternative to having the stairs removed and re-poured. If you want to talk to one of our team mates about concrete step lifting, please contact us today and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Concrete Leveling in Lysander, NY

The experience was excellent. Friendly, capable crew on time every day. The work was done quickly and well, and the pricing was very fair. Communication during the work was very good. I'm glad we chose them.

John L - Lysander, NY 13027
February 07, 2019